Badger Girls State  general information



  Girls State is a very important part of the American Legion Auxiliary's Americanism program.  Designed to train future stateswomen in the science of government, Wisconsin launched American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State in 1941 with 138 citizens participating.  The program has grown to over 740 citizens yearly and continues to be a major project of the Department of Wisconsin's American Legion Auxiliary.  This program does not discriminate against race, creed or color.



  The American Legion Auxiliary, and American Legion Posts that do not have an Auxiliary Unit, are the sponsoring body and pay the tuition fee for a delegate to attend American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State.  The $240 (per delegate) tuition covers room, meals, study materials, etc. but not transportation Civic organizations, service clubs, businesses and school groups can help support the program by assisting a local Unit/Post in paying all or part of  a delegates tuition.



* to develop leadership and pride in American citizens

* to educate citizens about our system of government

* to instill a greater understanding of American traditions

* to stimulate a desire to maintain our democratic government  processes



  The entire assemblage will become a fifty-first state and will function according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

  Most of each day at American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State will be given to the various activities of government.  American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State is not a recreational or sports program.  It is a school of government training for which the girl has been selected by her school and the local Unit.  She should come pre-pared to apply herself diligently to the program as it is scheduled.  The citizens are divided into two political parties—the Federalists and Nationalists.  They develop their own party  platforms and formulate their own issues.

  Citizens “learn by doing” as they function on city, county and state levels by electing officials in the manner prescribed by regular election procedures and conducting business on those levels.  Every girl is encouraged to participate in some level of the governmental process.



American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State is held on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh campus the third week in June.  Delegates are housed in the Gruenhagen Conference Center and all meetings are held in various campus buildings.



American Legion Auxiliary Units and local high school educators work together to select girls to attend American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State by evaluating potential leadership qualities of the delegates.  Prospective delegates must meet all of the following criteria before being considered a candidate to attend American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State:

  1. Be enrolled in the junior year of a Wisconsin public, parochial, private or home school whether she resides in Wisconsin or a      neighboring state.

  2. Have an interest in government and citizenship.

  3. Have a scholastic rating in the upper one-half of her class.

  4. Have outstanding qualities of leadership, good morale character, cooperativeness, dependability and participation in extra-curricular activities.

  5. Be in good health and physically fit.


The week at American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State is strenuous—requiring emotional stability and physical stamina—with much cross-campus movement and long hours of group activity



Informational meetings—called orientations—are held in almost every county.  Delegates, alternates, parents and school representatives are urged to attend any one of these meetings at a time/location convenient for them.  Orientation schedules are posted and updated on our website, and are mailed to high schools for distribution to delegates. 



Parents, friends, contributors and sponsors are invited to attend the Opening Convocation on Sunday, the Inauguration on Thursday (followed by a reception), Wisconsin Careers and College Options and the final General Assembly on Friday.


Note:  Full program details are provided to sponsors, participating high schools and selected delegates.